(Not only servers and cutting-edge technology, you are our top priority)

Maximum Speed

Your Website will be 5 times faster (compared to a website hosted on a traditional platform).

Installations with 1 Click

More than 400 web applications ready to install thanks to Softaculous technology.

Support 24-7-365

We offer the best technical support and total customer service 24-7-365, which will allow us to satisfy any request for support from you.

Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other web hosting service providers, we offer a solid 30-day money back guarantee..

Open your online business today

We have 99% uptime for solid performance

Hosting Solutions that grow with you

We have Data Centers in the United States, England, India, Hong Kong and Turkey.

Global Platform

Thanks to our commercial agreements with many of the world's leading suppliers, we have data centers in the United States, England, India, Hong Kong and Turkey to give you the best service.

High Performance

Name Servers and Proxies by Cloudflare , Load Balancers distributed worldwide to load your Web Super Fast. We put at your disposal Reliable, fast and powerful resource rich servers Hardware.

Combo Plans

The best combos plans to meet most of your needs at a lower and convenient price, domain, Linux hosting, website builder and pre-configured email services.

Guaranteed Activity

Our network is a powerful global collection of redundant equipment, a complicated network of infrastructures that interact with each other based on general principles of high availability, clustering and N + 1 architecture.


Our data center consists of a complex mesh of global servers that interact with each other. All architecture is based on common principles of high availability, clustering and n + 1 architecture. This allows us to scale our solutions to match their exponential growth simply by adding infrastructure and linking it to this architecture. You don't have to worry about variables such as scalability, uptime, network response, etc.

Scalability and Reliability
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Servers and IP addresses are masked and cannot be traced to us. If you are one of our resellers, the name servers used for any service hosted on these servers would be your own name servers.
Therefore, for all practical purposes; These groups of hundreds of servers would appear as YOUR servers for your Clients.

White Label Architecture
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Our DDoS attack protection system provides an unmatched barrier in our Internet infrastructure, that is, all websites, email and mission-critical web applications. By using state-of-the-art sophisticated technology that is automatically activated as soon as an attack is launched, the DDoS mitigator filtering system blocks almost all fraudulent traffic and ensures that legitimate traffic is allowed as much as possible.

DDoS Attack Protection
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